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Neel Indian Kitchen + Bar is a journey through the length and breadth of India and features handpicked dishes that showcase the diversity of this beautiful country.

The menu is a unique blend of recipes from across regions - ranging from the classics such as street food from Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, to the nostalgic and hidden gems - from Kashmir and the Konkan. The menu comprises dishes in their most authentic form - reviving age old recipes, bringing back forgotten spices and presented with a unique Neel touch.

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Carving its niche with a new concept- of an Indian all-day dining cafe,

Neel - Indian Kitchen + Bar is a welcoming casual space. The food at Neel Indian Kitchen + Bar is from an amalgamation of a wide range of travels and perfecting certain memory-filled traditional recipes from across regions in India, The recipes involve reviving age-old, often forgotten spice blends and using ethnic ingredients. In short the food is all about telling stories of ancient traditions through the voice of a contemporary Indian kitchen!

The traditional recipes were passed down from generations of Khansamas by word of mouth. A lot of these recipes have been lost over the course of time, but those that have been retained are culinary heirlooms. Recreating these forgotten recipes as well as reviving classic flavours is our endeavor at Neel Indian Kitchen + Bar.