Neel is Mumbai’s speciality Indian restaurant from the house of deGustibus Hospitality. Neel pays homage to the rich and evolved cuisine of old Nawabi families from Lucknow, Hyderabad and Kashmir. The cuisine at Neel is a tasteful blend of authentic flavours, textures and colours all coming together to create a sensational gustatory experience.

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Master Chef Mukhtar Qureshi helms the kitchen at Neel and is the mastermind behind the restaurant’s unique menu. He hails from the famous Qureshi family in Lucknow with a proud lineage dating back to the time of the ‘bawarchis’ during the Mughal era.
With an immense knowledge of the nuances of this delicate cuisine combined with the rich learnings inherited from his family’s invaluable experience, Chef Qureshi’s handcrafted menu at Neel is a feast for all senses.