Historically, when the Nawabs entered India from Persia and Iran, they split up and settled in different regions of the country. Those that went North, were influenced by the Kashmiri style of cooking, the use of saffron and khada (whole) masalas; those that settled in the Awadh region developed the ‘Dum’ style of cooking; those that moved further East introduced the use of coconut to the cuisine; and those who continued further South to Hyderabad developed a palate for sour and spicy flavours.

The traditional Nawabi recipes were passed down from generations of Khansamas by word of mouth. A lot of these recipes have been lost over the course of time, but those that have been retained are culinary heirlooms. Recreating these forgotten recipes as well as reviving classic flavours is our endeavor at Neel.

history of the cuisine